Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wild Boar Taking A Bus, Baguio, Philippines

23 January 2009

I was waiting for a bus to Ambangeg in the Slaughterhouse Terminal, Baguio blisfully having a doughnut and coffee when I heard a sharp maniacal sound. People turned their head into one direction and it piqued my interest. Behind a bus, I saw three men stooping over a large black body on the ground. I went nearer and I saw on the ground a huge wild boar! The men were tying its legs and later hauling it up onto the roof of the bus.

Only in Baguio!


  1. it's a domesticated breed of pig!!! It is known by the name "native pig"... "of the philippines", which is a breed possibly containing a very small percentage of wild boar like that of the Philippine warty pig (sus philippinesis}. The large ears is an indication it is not a pure (Philippine)wild boar. nice picture though.

  2. thanks for coming here in in philippines, next time visit Cebu. :), hope to climb other asian mountains.