Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mt Kinabalu (4095.2m), Sabah : 13-14 February 2009

Agung, Latif, Amir, Zaidi, Deen and Ryco
South Peak

Sunset at Laban Rata

Malaysian and Argentinian flag at Kinabalu summit

Eric and Gina

This is my sixth time climbing Kinabalu, the highest peak in Malaysia and one of the highest in South East Asia. Joining me this time are two Indonesian - Ryco and Agung, Malaysians -Amir, Latif and Deen. Along the way I met Eric Linden from Sweden and Gina from Argentina.

This was my slowest hike. I was waiting for the rest of the gang but after a few stops, it was clear that they were being very slow so I ended up with a new group. Besides Eric and Gina, there were the Singaporean woman with her New Zealand husband, Lyn from Australia, an English man, a Canadian couple etc. The new group took our time to reach Laban Rata but the conversation along the way and at rest stops were exciting and refreshing.

I reached Laban Rata slightly before 4.30pm and to my delight they opened the buffet spread for dinner 15 minutes later. I had the delicious dinner before going to the dormitory at Gunting Lagadan. Ryco was the last to reach Laban Rata.

The hike to the summit was one of the best in my experience. The sky was clear, there was no wind thus it wasn't as cold as in my previous climb. I paced my hike in such a way so that I only reached the summit at exactly 6am just in time for the sunrise.

Kinabalu is magical and I can't wait to climb it again.
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