Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mountain Climb 2009

5. Mt Sindoro (Kledung, Central Java)
7. Mt Raung via Sumber Wringin (Bondowoso, East Java)

Here is my plan for the rest of the year. Nothing confirmed though.
8. Mt Chamah (Kelantan)
9. Mt Ulu Sepat (Perak)
10. Mt Gamalama (Ternate) - most probably cancelled if it is deemed 'unsafe'
11. Mt Klabat (North Sulawesi)
12.Mt Kerinci (Jambi)
13. Mt Lompobatang (South Sulawesi)
14. Mt Bawakareng (South Sulawesi)
15. Mt Kinabalu (Sabah) : again
16. Mt Murud (Sarawak)

The tickets to Indonesia are confirmed. The climbing, however, depends on arrangement on the ground since I'm going on my own to most of these mountains. Wish me luck.

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